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Paragliding in Thy Af: Joachim
02. Aug 2012 kl 16:04
Hello, i am a 'Thysk' Pilot and stay to this time for holiday in Agger.
Can you give me sombody more accurate, and important information on the following launch sites?
Must I register on site at anyone, I have to pay an entrance fee?

Lodbjerg Fyr
Krig Vig
Hellinso Teglvaerk

Best regards and thanks for an answer.

Joachim Hähnle

Paragliding in Thy Af: Finn Hammer
04. Aug 2012 kl 22:13

There is a club closer to the area you are staying in, called Parafun.

you can contact them from here:

The sites you mention are some of the best in Denmark IMHO ;-)

Finn Hammer

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